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By Dawn Berry

Paving the way to a happy hound & a happy home 

Did you know that training your dog has multiple benefits aside from the obvious of having a well behaved fur friend?!!

Emotional Stability

Training encourages confidence in your canine, which in turn leads to a more emotionally balanced and well mannered mutt. 


Teaching leash manners can prevent your pup from dashing into the street and make it less likely to pull you to the ground when walking.

Pet & Parent Bonding

Training with your trusty canine companion strengthens the bond of love, trust & security between you.

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Hi! I’m Dawn, and these are my pups Ronin, Chico & my current foster, Brennan. I'm the human behind Full Of Sits.  I'm a certified dog trainer who found her passion for training through fostering. I've had dogs my entire life, but it wasn't until I began working with the Hudson Valley rescue organization that I discovered the true value of dog training.

Fostering has become very important to me & I continue to learn & grow with every dog I have the pleasure of meeting. My philosophy is that a confident, well behaved & much understood canine can bring lots of love & companionship to his/her home, family & pack!




At Full of Sits, I lead with positive reinforcement. I have  experienced great success with this technique.  Positivity creates an environment where dogs can trust and ultimately follow the lead of their trainer.

I believe that training at a young age ensues a comfortable environment for all. 

Training should take place where the family (dog included) feels comfortable. We offer both individual & in small group sessions. 

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